Monday, 16 October 2017

Spaghetti Strap dress

I fell in Love with this colorful fabric with flowers and butterflies
and thought it would be nice for a Lovely summer dress for Sara 💗

The top is made with 3 layers since it's draped and gathered to fit,
and it has a little flounce on top of the V-neck.

The skirt is gathered as well, so the dress is very fluffy! 😍

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Preview 1st Episode

This is a painted picture of the pier in Bergen
on the wall at Scandic Byparken Hotel where we stayed this time. 

Here are all the HAPPY sewing-friends ♥ at Media City Bergen :)
I'm wearing my TR Dress which I have posted earlier.

At first we had a nice conversation with the NRK producer and project manager, 
Kristin Helgeland Hauge, and we also had a nice chat with the NRK psychologist.

We got champagne in the glasses, and finally we were going to watch 
the 1st Episode of the Norwegian Sewing Bee, #Symesterskapet. 
We laughed and it was a lot of FUN seeing ourselves at the TV show! ;-))
I hope the viewers who will watch, will enjoy it! 
I felt we were back in the sewing studio, and I was really stressed...!

Here is our Lovely host for the Seewing Bee, Christine Hope. 
She won the female Comedy Price in April this year, and we just LOVE her ♥

The judges; Tine Solheim, haute couture-designer, Atelier in Oslo 
and Andreas Feet, designer and working at Regent Tailor  in Bayern. 

The blue Diamond in the lobby at Media City Bergen.

After the view we enjoyed ourselves at the bar in the 1st floor :)

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

My incredible journey...

My friends have asked me several times; why don’t you apply for the Sewing bees? “This is not for me, I said. It’s far too much rush with time limits to complete the projects”.
All of a sudden I’m right in the middle of it!

To be honest I didn’t think about applying before my niece called me on my holiday and said; “aunty, I wanted to apply for you, but I couldn’t answer all the questions, but you have to sign up for this competition.”

I had a look on the link she sent me on FB, and after hesitating for a while I thought; Why not give it a try!

I didn’t think so much about it before I got a phone call before Christmas, and I was asked if I could come for an interview in January.Wow! I was so excited and couldn’t tell anyone..! (only my beloved husband)

You can see my lovely niece, who is a fabulous model for me ♥                  She is wearing a Coctail Dress from an earlier project.

I was so nervous when I travelled to NRK in Stavanger, but I tried to do my best. I was asked if I could do something spontaneous, i.e. sing a song? We were practicing for a concert in our choir, and out of the blue I choose to sing; “Hit the road Jack”♪♫, but I don’t know if this was the next step for a second interview at NRK in Bergen in February.. :) 
We were suppose to show something we had been sewing at home in the interview, so I had my red-black Sheath Dress with me to Stavanger.
For the interview in Bergen I brought the Puzzle Dress with me.
In Bergen I met a lot of nice people who was “in the same boat” as me, and the first thing we should do was to sew a skirt with zipper. I think we got 2 hours for the project, and it was quite ok with me.
Second we had to talk with a psychologist, and then finally the last interview with a panel of 4 members. I think it was one of the last interviews that day. I was exhausted, but in a very good mood :) It was a lot of laughter and I thought it went well, but couldn’t be sure.. 
Anyway, I got a new phone call a few days later. I remember that day very well since my girlfriends was at our house this evening, and I was so eager to tell the girls about it, but had to keep my mouth shut...! 

I was so HAPPY!

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Post for Instagram

We were supposed to make a short video to present our self
at Instagram for "Symesterskapet"
The Norwegian Sewing Bee:
Hi, my name is Ellen and I live in Nedre Vats.
My greatest passion is sewing,
except from my husband..
I love colors and to combine fabric and use my creativity :)

I'm wearing my "Measure" dress I made earlier.
The fun part is the measure-band I have used as decoration.


"Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow.
Pain nourishes your courage.
You have to fail in order to practice being brave."
- Mary Tyler Moore

Saturday, 30 September 2017

50's Dress


I love challenges and had to try this pattern!
My choose of fabric is stretch crepe from Jersey Fashion and that it was not an easy choice...
I had to hand-stitch around neck with gathering, sleeves, hem and slits.
Anyway I managed at last, and I'm happy with the outcome :)

Vote her if you like 
I'm no. 10 :)


Friday, 22 September 2017

Lace Blouse

                                                                        Foto: Marit Hommedal  

I’m so excited!!!
It’s hard to believe that I was chosen to participate in "Symesterskapet", 
the Norwegian Sewing Bee, of more than 300 appliers..  
I feel SO Lucky to be a part of this fabulous sewing family! 

I hope you will follow me as far as the show is going on…

I know it will be very exciting, and I will learn a lot, and meet a lot of new sewing friends ♥
It will be challenging, blood, sweat and tears…! No eating, no sleeping…! Oh, what can I expect..

The first episode will take place at NRK Monday the 30th of October at hour 19.45.

                                                Foto: Tore Zakkariasen 

I'm wearing my royal blue lace blouse which is sewn of lace I bought from 
I have used sport-stretch as lining, and with the bottoms at back it's like 60's style :)
The skirt is made of wool fabric from 
Both patterns are from BurdaStyle.   


Monday, 18 September 2017

Concert Skirt


 We should be wearing light denim and white top for our concert this year.
Since I didn't find anything nice in my wardrobe I decided to make a new skirt.
I love to wear linen garments, and since I had this nice fabric which I bought at 
Skaar Tekstil I thought it would be great for this occasion.
The pattern is from Burda Easy Fashion 2007.

Our choir; Skakkekoret are singing at Skånevik Fjordhotell

Sunday, 10 September 2017

"Firework" Dress :)

This is a fabric that makes me in a good mood!

I have used the same pattern as for the Striped Summer Dress, but this is a bit shorter.
It comfy to wear with the gathering at the sides and back part.
I think the dress is nice and a bit special with the cut out back :)